nowingz2fly (nowingz2fly) wrote,

hey boos
whats up guys i have nothing rele to say except i have syesha on recordidng doing the sour kangaroo for me!!!!!!!!im sooo excited she is soooo amazing!!omg! me and mr. way or w/e his name is...that one guidence counceler got into this big dispute about me being gay...i was soo mad cuz he was trying to tell me how to deal with it and embarressed me in front of my whole class...i was pissed!! news on the boi... still isnt quite interested ..........yet!......... muahahahahahaha muahahaha muah ha....this boi just DOES NOT realize who he is dealing with!n e ways rehursal is going great you all need to come see me in "the tempest" preview = february 8th! soo thats all folks muah muah bye byez POST ME DAMMIT!!!!
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