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hey boos,
my cghristmas was great...wish i could of saw more of my friends and steph will always be married and that will never change even though we get in our tiffs. me and boon have pretty much drifted.......guess she is too cool to call or i/m me n e more....but i do mis sher. kim is in new york and i love her soo much but i feel as though we might be drifting...kinda scares me because i love her alot!erik and me are getting close again but i feel as though im the root of most of his problems makes me sad. mariah and me are getting close. we pretty much always have been i love her to no end. i just wih we hung out more. bexy and jaimy are ppl that i really see myself getting close with..or at leaste im hoping that we will!! angela call me or i/m me cuz i feel like you are putting youself in bad positions latly...your to sweet to go sour!we need to talk.ian is a sweet heart and a total rockstar me and jena are cousins who will always be close !. adam....your are amazing you brought so much excitment and new emotions into my life and im crazy bout you! janette . i really like you but you seem to be like...mad at me...i wanna talk to you so i/m me @ toowhereyouare ....annie and me have a call and hangout once a week relationship....we need to fix that!.........i love all my friends so much and cant wait to see you guys in school!
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