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ok guys im real real real sorry i havnt updated in like 107 and a half years.but ive been pretty busy with thnxgiving and friend and my life and what not. but n e ways for thnxgiving i went to ma best friends house (steph) it was great and dinner was pretty halarious. i slept over her house yet again the next day ....that was great too. then the next day i went home and went to the mall with geoffry and edie then saw annie and carmen hung out with was soo hard to hang out with geoffry ...i thought it would be cool but then i realized god i just want to grab him and kiss him like i used to do....then his b/f called and wanted to hang out with him so geoffry wanted to take us over there to meet him...i honestly would rather not meet the kid who is going out with geoffry. it would be too wierd...i mean ive heard nice things about him and he seems real no disrespect....i just still have feelings for geoff...but HEY everyone i have ANOTHER new crush....its not tooo big but hes really cute and is in vpa with me (hes an upper classman though) thats like 28,876,568,878 crushes!!! (sarcastically of course) i dont really know him......but hey thats what scool is for....cuz cmon we all know its just a big dating system!! im j/k....i learn some stuff too i guess....but n e ways my boos imma go luv ya
bye all
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