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hey boos
so im at stefabees and we is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo n e ways went downtown tonight sooo much frikken drama,cant even deal with it(and im a theater kid!)its was a bunch of she said he said shit and then ppl wanted to fight ...and then more fights....then some more...lots of fighting,and it was ridiculas.but w/e im just funna sleep yo
in other news our group in theater is doin pretty good so watch out other groups because DUN DUN DUN!! EDDIE REX IS ON THE CASE....not really its accually all annie.she really deserves most of the credit...all of us do our part but she really gives it her 190% we're really lucky to have her. man i friggin love theater. i dont want some things to ever change but then again i want so much to wierd..i guess what im trying to say is that things are diffrent, diffrent emotions diffient friends, diffrent opinions about people you once adored...its so wierd ...EXAMPLE:i used to frikken love it is like only 9 on my "fave list of vegitables"
well n e ways good night my someone goodnight :quoted by marian the librarian
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